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1 Warsito Warsito, Edi Priyo Utomo, Siti Mariyah Ulfa, 2016,Effect of hydration and oxidation reactions of the chemical composition of Kaffir lime (Cytrus hystrix DC.) oil,J. Pure App. Chem. Res. Vol 5, No 2, pp.http://jpacr.ub.ac.id/index.php/jpacr/article/view/225.
2 Masruri Masruri, Rekfa Wika Amini, Mohammad Farid Rahman, 2016,Potassium Permanganate-Catalyzed Alpha-Pinene Oxidation: Formation of Coordination Compound with Zinc(II) and Copper(II), and Growth Inhibition Activity on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Indonesian Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 16 (1) , pp 59-64http://pdm-mipa.ugm.ac.id/ojs/index.php/ijc/article/view/1044.
3 Wahyu Widoretno, 2016, In vitro induction and characterization of tetraploid Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin Benth.) plant, Plant Cell Tissue Organ Culture, Journal of Plant Biotechnology  (2016) 125:261–267, DOI 10.1007/s11240-016-0946-0http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11240-016-0946-0
4 Sukardi, et al, 2015, The Effect of Moderate Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) on Microscopic Visualition of Grandular Trichome of Patchouli Leaves , Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 10 (3) : 58-65www.iiste.org/Journals/index.php/JNSR/article/download/9715/9929
5 Masruri MASRURI, Yuga Adi Pranata 2015, Naturally Abundance Vanillin as Starting Material to Synthesizing 4-(4-Hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-6-methyl-3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-one. J. Pure App. Chem. Res. Vol 4, No 3 , pp. 88-93http://jpacr.ub.ac.id/index.php/jpacr/article/view/216.
6 Elok Rifqi Firdiana, Serafinah Indriyani, Wahyu Widoretno, 2015, The Effect of Gibberellin on Somatic Embryo Growth and Maturation and Plantlet Regeneration of Tangerine (Citrus reticulata Blanco.) var. Batu 55. J.Exp. Life Sci., Vol 5 No. 1http://jels.ub.ac.id/index.php/jels/article/view/170
7 Mufidatur Rosyidah, Wahyu Widoretno, Serafinah Indriyani, 2015,Effects of Low Temperature on Somatic Embryos Growth, Maturation and Planlet Regeneration of Citrus Mandarin var Batu 55 (Citrus reticulata Blanco.). J.Exp. Life Sci., Vol 5 No. 1http://jels.ub.ac.id/index.php/jels/article/view/155.
8 Khoirun Nisyak, Mohammad Farid Rahman, Sutrisno Sutrisno, 2013, Synthesis Organonitrogen Compounds from Patchouli Alcohol Through Ritter Reaction with Acetonitrile and Its Toxicity to Artemia salina Leach. J. Pure App. Chem. Res. Vol 2, No 1 ,pp. 11-18http://jpacr.ub.ac.id/index.php/jpacr/article/view/113.
9 Masruri Masruri, Mukesh Sharma, Warsito Warsito, Prasetyo Adi, 2012,Renewable Oil Extracted from Indonesian Srikaya’s (Annona squamosa sp.) Seed: Another Potent Source for Biodiesel. J. Pure App. Chem. Res. Vol 1, No 1 , pp. 51-57http://jpacr.ub.ac.id/index.php/jpacr/article/view/106.
10 Heru Nurwarsito, 2012,Concept of Designing an Optimized Pull Model View Controller content management framework” Journal of Computer Applications, Vol 57 Number 20 Nov 2012, ISSN : 0975-8887, ISBN : 973-93-80870-55-2http://research.ijcaonline.org/volume57/number20/pxc3883788.pdf.
11 Heru Nurwarsito,  2012,Implementation of The SIP Express Router with Mediaprooxy on VoIP “, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science, Vol. 2 No. 3, Pp 125-130,http://www.ijpg.org/index.php/IJACSci/article/view/240
12 The Effect Of Pulsed Electric Field (Pef) On Glandular Trichome And Compounds Of Patchouli Oil, Pogostemon Cablin, Benth, Vol.3, No.15.http://www.iiste.org/Journals/index.php/JNSR/article/view/9715

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